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Build Meaningful relationships

Build Meaningful Relationships: Thursday Inspiration | TIT 45

Do you want to build relationships with influencers who could potentially be your mentors?

How about making them your business partner? Yes it is possible my friend if you focus on building relationships and serving not asking. That’s the catch.

shibin Li from castbox

Shibin Li, Co-Founder of CastBox on Empowering Decentralized Digital Content Ecosystem

On this special episode, I invited Shibin Li- Cofounder of Podcast listening app CastBox to chat about how CastBox is transforming the digital content consumption space with the use of Blockchain technology.

Don't Let your passion die

Don’t Let Your Passion Die: Thursday Inspiration

I met this 70 years old man in Delhi Metro few years back and what happened there has helped me gain more clarity about my own life. The conversation I had with that old man has left a deeper impact on me. This week I share the conversation I had that day. 

It is one of those life-changing moments I had on my own life.

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What people are saying

Bijay Gautam has indeed put his heart and soul into design and delivery of his group podcast coaching program. His sessions are of high value covering practical aspects and tips, advice on tools, etc. Bijay creates nice virtual team atmosphere enabling mutual sharing and help.
Great Experience!

Subhramanyan smiling on camera
Sivakumar Subramanyan Host- Winning Project Managers Podcast

I had taken up Bijay’s Six week group podcast coaching and was really impressed by the professionalism and great quality of content. He has uncanny ability to hand-hold his participants till the time they launch their podcasts. I have been able to launch my own podcast titled Unveil The Incredible U. I strongly recommend his group coaching to everyone who is serious about podcasting.

Manish Pharasi Best-selling Author & Host- Unveil The Incredible You Podcast

The series of  “The Inspiring Talk” is going to be a sure shot tool for personal development. I know Bijay for quite sometime now and I am sure that there will be no compromise on the value that he brings out.

Jogesh Jain Author, Employability Coach

I am so happy to see that one of my most aspiring students of TTST is doing such a brilliant job. He is all out to contribute and his content and delivery are superb. I am sure you are going to love his podcast.

Brig. Sushi Bhasin
Brig. Sushil Bhasin Transformational coach and Author of book "Design Your Life"

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