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Dorothy Anne Always hope in pain

Finding Hope In The Midst of Pain with Dorothy Anne: TIT38

Dorothy is a singer and songwriter based in United states. She is inspiring people across the globe with her contemporary songs blended with hope and faith.
She has gone through a challenging time in her life when she lost her daughter soon after she gave birth to her. She captures a theme of hope in the midst of pain with her lyrics, pairing them with bright, catchy melodies and beautiful orchestrations.

tap into your true potential- Dr. Sukhi

Tap Into Your True Potential: Thursday Inspiration | TIT37

Do you doubt on yourself and your potential?
Are you yet to realize the innate potential that each one of us have?
It feels so easy and natural to say yourself that you don’t have potential to shine. I understand this, I have been there.
I was getting goosebumps when Dr. Sukhi Muker  was sharing with me about the immense potential that each one of us have within ourselves. He has experienced that on his own life.
From being a drug addict almost killing himself to becoming best-selling Author and Global speaker Dr. Sukhi has experienced a lot in his life.

Mathew Jose Paperman

Bringing Social Change Through Trash With Mathew Jose: TIT36

Mathew Jose is a social entrepreneur who runs an Organization called Paperman. Through this organization, Mathew’s mission is to bring about a positive social change through trash. He has created a platform called trashfunding that helps people to convert their trash into an investment for social change. His expertise also lies in the key understanding he has about India’s 1.5 million strong informal sector recyclers. He is passionate about improving their livelihoods through his innovations.

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What people are saying

I am glad that Bijay has taken this responsibility to make podcasting new normal with his TheInspiringTalk podcast. I have known him for a year now and what I love about him is his energy and passion. I am excited for this podcast as it is going to touch millions of lives.

Himanshi Awaal
Himanshi Awaal Image Consultant and Emotional Wellness Coach

I am confident that TheInspiringTalk with Bijay is going to help people wanting to excel in their lives as he brings most successful personality each week who shares their success mantra with audience.

Neha mehta
Neha Mehta Research Scientist

The series of  “The Inspiring Talk” is going to be a sure shot tool for personal development. I know Bijay for quite sometime now and I am sure that there will be no compromise on the value that he brings out.

Jogesh Jain Author, Employability Coach

I am so happy to see that one of my most aspiring students of TTST is doing such a brilliant job. He is all out to contribute and his content and delivery are superb. I am sure you are going to love his podcast.

Brig. Sushi Bhasin
Brig. Sushil Bhasin Transformational coach and Author of book "Design Your Life"

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