5 Reasons Why You Should Start Listening to Podcast Today

Why you should listen podcast

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One good habit I installed back in 2011 was listening to podcasts. I didn’t know they were called Podcasts back then. I continued listening because of pure value I got out of those audio materials.

Further, there were no ad breaks in between (I could skip them even if there were any) and I could download them and listen them at my convenience, unlike with radio where I have to be there at the time of broadcast.

Today, podcasts are hotter than ever. Podcast listeners are growing beyond expectation every single year. Thanks to Serial Podcast that caused breakthrough in podcasting in 2014.

If you do not listen to podcasts then you are missing on with lot of awesome content out there.

Here are my five top 5 Reasons on Why You Should Start Listening to Podcast Today:


  1. Great value out of unproductive time

Unlike reading blogs or watching videos you don’t need time to consume podcast. You can listen to podcasts almost anytime. Most of the people listen to the podcasts while:

  • commuting to and from work or travelling
  • working out in the gym or going out for a walk
  • waiting in line or shopping in mall
  • doing household work such as cooking, cleaning or lawn mowing.
  • sitting in the pot 😊

The beauty of podcast is you can take it anywhere and treat your ear anytime. You could be learning, laughing or being inspired at any point of time with podcasts.

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  1. You hate reading but love learning

“Oh! I wish to learn lot of things but I hate reading.”

Is that you?

Well, Podcasts could be of great help to you.

There is no better way to learn new things than listening to podcasts when you don’t have time or hate reading. You do not enjoy reading books doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn. It just that you are more of audio/visual person.

Instead of reading to books you can subscribe to podcast shows on the subject of your interest and continue your journey of self-development.

This is another thing I love about podcasts. You can find shows on almost every niche from arts to science to comedy to inspiration.


  1. To become expert in your industry

Podcast is super-niche thing. Each podcast show has their one or few topics that they create content about.

It is very likely that you will find at least a few couple of shows on the topic that you wish to learn. Even if you subscribe to five of those shows you will have content for one week to consume (assuming each of them are produced weekly).

Podcasters are putting out lot of hard work to research and bring out the best and most updated knowledge in their episodes. They are sharing resources and tools to advance your skills in that field all the time.
Now it’s your turn to make use of that research and become expert in your niche area.


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  1. To get rid of blah.. blah.. blah… of radio

Radio is great broadcasting media but they target masses while podcasts target a certain segment of people with similar interests. If you want to learn about any specific subject radio is not the thing. They address the topics that concerns the general mass not your specific needs.

For Instance, my podcast The Inspiring Talk is all about success journey of the most successful and Inspiring personalities where we talk about their obstacles, challenges and success habits. If you want to learn how these people faced those challenges or how they became successful you may want to listen to my podcast. You cannot expect weekly news update on my podcast.

Another thing that annoys me about radio is their never-ending advertisements. You cannot skip advertisement that you don’t want to listen. You have to bear with whatever they are playing for you or turn them off.

On the other hand, podcasters are promoting products that are relevant to you and could be of use to you. And if you don’t want to listen you can simply skip and continue with the content.

Podcasts are best alternative to the people looking to turn off the noise of radio.


  1. Podcasts are more intimate than other media

Podcasters are talking to you and trying to address problems and people like you who are facing the same problem. They are concerned about serving you and are striving to serve you in every possible way so that you keep listening to them every episode.

Also, there are communities of listeners of a podcast show and guess what? They all have interest in that subject. They all could be talking about their goals and asking help from fellow listener who might have walked that path. This helps you in connecting with like-minded people and maybe work together in future projects.

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  1. (Bonus): Easy to access, listen and download

Almost all podcasts are FREE: Not only to listen but also to download for later. All you need is a device (phone or laptop) with internet and you are in.

Podcasts are very accessible as they are just a tap away on your Apple Podcasts app for instance. I have written an article about how you can listen to the podcast on different platforms.


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