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My name is Bijay Gautam. I am founder and host of The Inspiring Talk, where I interview most successful and inspiring personalities each week!

New episode of The Inspiring Talk is released every Monday to inspire you as our guests share their journey of success with me. I ask them about their biggest challenge in achieving success and how they overcame it. What are their daily habits that makes them who they are today and their recommendations for success seekers like you!

Listen to this pre-episode where I talk about this show and Me, Bijay:

How was the idea of The Inspiring Talk born?

I have been consumer of podcasts for five years now. I have realized that I am becoming more positive, productive and inspired than ever once I started listening these amazing personalities sharing their struggles, successes and secrets.The inspiring Talk podcast logo

These podcasts featured successful personalities from America and Europe. At the beginning of 2017, out of curiosity, I googled for self-help podcasts of our part of world. I was shocked to see that there is not even a single quality podcast that is produced consistently in India, Nepal and neighboring countries. I was then quick to realize that this is the gap I needed to fill. But I knew nothing about podcasting even though I have been consumer for so long.

I started looking for resources online and started learning from basics of podcast. I kept reading articles after articles and listening podcast after podcast on podcasting. Then, I listed down everything I need to start a podcast and started doing one thing a day. I kept learning and building (which I still keep doing) The Inspiring Talk brick by brick and you see this podcast as a result 🙂 .

Why Podcast?

There are several ways to reach out to people with the message I want to share. What I love most about podcast is people don’t have to allocate special time to listen to it. They can listen to podcast while working out in gym, while cooking in kitchen or while driving on the road. I love listening to my favorite shows while jogging and I love the fact that how much I am learning during my jog every morning.

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My Mission

With start of The Inspiring Talk I am looking forward to make positive impact in thousands of lives. The life stories that I share through this podcast is for sure going to touch many lives and inspire them to take a step forward to make changes in their lives.

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