Embracing Your Fears For Success With Akshay Nanavati: TIT11

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Akshay Nanavati almost gave his life to suicide at one point of time. He struggled with drug addiction, PTSD from fighting the war in Iraq with US Marines and alcoholism in his life. He overcame all those challenges and has since explored the most hostile, and awe-inspiring environments on the planet, started a nonprofit foundation and built a business helping people live limitless lifestyles.

Combining his life experience with years of research in science and spirituality, he wrote a book called “Fearvana: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear Into Health, Wealth and Happiness.” Of the book, The Dalai Lama said “Fearvana inspires us to look beyond our own agonizing experiences and find the positive side of our lives.”

Some questions I ask Akshay:

  • Why do you run? What’s your mission?
  • You were addicted to drugs, alcohol and almost messed up with your life. Please share with my audience about that phase in your life.
  • Can you share some insights about throwing yourself in the face of fear to overcome them?
  • What is your book all about and who should be reading this?
  • Why do you think people are giving up on the belief of work hard now and get rewarded later?


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Time Stamps:

  • 04:00 Akshay shares how running has helped him in his salvation and what is his mission.
  • 05:46 He shares about his life journey and the dark phase in his life including addiction to drug, binge drinking and suicidal thoughts.
  • 08:30 Why Akshay thinks there are no bad or good emotions?
  • 13:37 How can throwing yourself more on face of fear can help you in your growth and rise above the ground. He talks about overcoming one fear at a time.
  • 15:55 Akshay talks about LMNOP method of overcoming fear.
  • 23:03 Akshay shares what his book Fearvana is all about and how can it help you in your personal development journey.
  • 29:46 Enlightening round

Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Akshay to do everything he does: The fact that his work is touching lives and making impact in people’s life
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Exercising
  • What book he thinks everyone must read: Man Search for Meaning by Victor E. Frankl
  • Things he think would have done differently:  
    • Practiced self-awareness earlier in his journey.
    • Building systems in his life such as morning and evening rituals.
    • Should have taken action earlier as source of learning.


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One thought on “Embracing Your Fears For Success With Akshay Nanavati: TIT11

  1. Akshay, you inspired me a lot, i m so overwhelmed to meet you personally, and i m following you from a turning point in my life. It was good meeting bro.

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