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Avelo Roy

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Start with Zero Money, Grow with Client’s money and Scale with Investor’s Money.

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What? You think you need a lot of money to start a business? Wait my friend. You need ZERO money to start a business of your dreams and turn it into a multi-million dollars venture.

Avelo Roy has done the exact same and he shares how he was able to do that in this episode.

Avelo is a serial entrepreneur who has built seven businesses in US with Multi-Million dollars worth of products and services in wide range of segments from consumer electronics to food science to healthcare process automation and so on.
He started his first company at the age of 19 while he was still in college with almost Zero money of his own. within three years, he was able to turn that company to a million dollar in valuation.  Avelo has won more than 70 awards in US, Canada and India and is also regarded as one of the 40 must follow people in Indian Startup ecosystem by bizztor. He is also multiple TEDx Speaker and Currently, Avelo runs the largest startup incubator in East India called Kolkatta Ventures with 350+ startups out of which 272 has already started making money.

Some Questions I ask Avelo:

  • Where was this thought or seed of entrepreneurship planted on your mind at that very young age?
  • I was wondering if you could share any other specific events or memories from your childhood or conditioning from your parents that you think has helped you in having a growth and risk-taking mindset as you grew up?
  • What is your approach in getting top-notch millionaire or billionaire mentors for yourself?
  • What do you think is the most millennial don’t understand about entrepreneurship and whats your advice to them?

Time Stamps:

  • 05:25 Avelo talks about how the seed of business planted on him and writing an email to Bill Gates.
  • 07:13 He shares how growing among leaders in his own house has helped him sub-consciously to develop leadership qualities.
  • 10:53 Avelo shares how his mother brainwashed him to be best at what he does.
  •  11:43 How Avelo got into understanding of Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta and how it has helped him in coping up with tough phase in his life.
  • 14:30 Avelo shares about his first business. Everything from conceptualization to launching the product.
  • 19:48 The biggest mistakes Avelo made in his entrepreneurial journey and lessons learned.
  • 23:03 Avelo Shares his tips for entrepreneurs to nail the pitch.
  • 27:41 What is his approach to get access to Millionaire or Billionaire Mentors.
  • 32:56 Qualities Avelo looks in a mentee before he takes them up for mentoring.
  •  34:33 This is what most millennial doesn’t understand about entrepreneurship.
  •  39:15 Avelo shares about his company Kolkata Ventures.
  • 43:48 How Avelo comes back to track when he feels overwhelmed or low in his life.
  • 46:13 Enlightening Round

Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Avelo to do everything that he does: Like to see sad faces turning to happy faces.
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Meditation
  • What book he thinks everyone must read: Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta
  • Things he think would have done differently: 
    • Take more time hire right people.
    • Make people take responsibilities rather than micro-managing everything.
  • Which online tool has been super-helpful for him: Audible, Basecamp, Salesforce.

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