Stop Fooling Yourself And Create A Life Of Your Dreams With Dr. Divya Ghai: TIT14

Dr. Divya Negi Ghai posing for camera

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Dr. Divya Ghai left her decade long job as academician to pursue her passion in writing and empowering young people. She got stuck for a while when she was making this change. She was confused whether to get back to job that she didn’t loved anymore or start on completely new journey.

Dr. Divya’s book Stop Fooling Yourself will wake you up to face the simple realities of life, which you have conveniently chosen to ignore. It delves deep into your psychology, in the context of four main ingredients for a happy and successful life: abundant money, ample time, a positive mind and a lively body. She also runs a NGO called Youth Rocks!

Some questions I ask Dr. Divya:

  • How do you manage your time with three boys at home, writing and running an NGO?
  • What you used to write on your diary as a teenager?
  • How can one come out of fear of failure and rejection?
  • What you can do to keep yourself away from negative thoughts?
  • How we can stop fooling ourselves?
  • What are some values we are missing to build on our younger generation?
  • Which one goal are you willing to achieve before you leave this world?

Time Stamps:

  • 03:45 Start here if you’d like to jump directly inside interview.
  • 07:02 Dr. Divya shares how did she managed to figure out her true calling while she was stuck in her life.
  • 11:10 She shares how writing on diary as a teenager helped her in writing her book.
  • 14:00 Dr. Divya talks about how our conditioning from family, friends and people around is making us feel more fearful about failing. And how you can stop fear of failure and rejection.
  • 18:31 she talks about how you can keep yourself away from negative thoughts. How to avoid toxic people and implement on new ideas.
  • 23:51 How did writing a book helped her in clearing her mind and transformed her.
  • 28:11 How listening to oneself consciously can help you to avoid fooling yourself.
  • 39:20 Why does Dr. Divya think it is important to teach a child emotional intelligence, soft-skills, self-talk, goals, life etc.
  • 51:40 She talks about one goal she is willing to achieve before she leaves this world.
  • 53:03 Enlightening Round

Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Dr. Divya to do everything that she does: To fill the gap in education of the country. 
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for her: Waking up early
  • What book she thinks everyone must read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Things she think would have done differently:  
    • Would have written her book earlier
    • Started this journey earlier  

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