Finding Hope In The Midst of Pain with Dorothy Anne: TIT38

Dorothy Anne Always hope in pain
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Dorothy is a singer and songwriter based in United states. She is inspiring people across the globe with her contemporary songs blended with hope and faith.
Dorothy has gone through a challenging time in her life when she lost her daughter soon after she gave birth to her. She captures a theme of hope in the midst of pain with her lyrics, pairing them with bright, catchy melodies and beautiful orchestrations.

Dorothy’s debut EP Always Hope is a collection of deeply personal songs. The single “Don’t Let Me Go” attracted high praise from fans on iTunes.

 Some Questions I ask Dorothy:

  • How did you even got into singing? What’s your story?
  • Who was your childhood hero?
  • What are some specific things your mom did or said to ensure that you followed your heart?
  • How many times do you write and re-write a song on an average?

Time Stamps:

  • 05:07 Dorothy shares about her early days and getting into music.
  • 06:37 She talks about her dreams as a kid including having a big family with many kids.
  • 09:13 Dorothy shares some of her favorite artists that she grew up listening to.
  • 10:14 How her mother helped her in following her heart and become a singer.
  • 14:23 What inspired the name Always Hope for her EP and the sad story of losing her daughter.
  • 21:17 She talks about her creative process and song writing schedule
  •  25:30 Dorothy talks about the biggest challenge in releasing her EP and how she was able to raise money through crowdfunding.
  • 28:25 She shares some tips on crowdfunding success


Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Dorothy to do everything that she does: To help people that are hurting. 
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for her: Journaling on Freedom Journal
  • What book he thinks everyone must read: Way of the master.
  • Things she thinks would have done differently: 
    • Start sooner.
    • Write More
    • Worked in quarter
  • Online tool that she uses on regular basis: Canva


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