Your Fortune Lies On The Other Side Of Your Fear: Ep19

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Face Your Fears:

What if,

I fail?

she says NO?

he gets angry?

they judge me?

I might loose all my money.

Are these some of the questions that comes to your mind before doing some task, taking risk or asking someone for their help?

Is fear of failing or being rejected stopping you from executing on your idea or plan that you believe will transform your life and life of people around you?

When you are in this situation next time ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What is the worse that can happen as a result of this task or action that I am about to take?
  2. Even if the worse possible happens to me, can I bounce back to where I am today?
  3. What is the best thing that could happen if I do this?

Imagine every best possible thing that could happen if you try to face that fear and take that action. Imagine every single opportunities and doors that will open as a result of facing that fear taking that action. How do you feel? Isn’t that something that you always wanted and my friend it’s just there on the other side of your fears.

As you must have heard self-generated fear in it’s acronym False Evidence Appearing Real.

Most of the time the worst that we imagine will never happen because we think worst possible than it happens in reality and that fear is just stopping us from moving forward and taking a leap forward.

For instance, When you are flying on airplane above the sea it is easier to imagine that your plane might fall and drown on the ocean. Right? It happens. Because we have seen plane crashing and drowning and all those right. Fear is mechanism that tries to keep us safe but at the same time if it’s self-generated one like the example above it will hinder our progress or adventure in our life.

I recall two years back when I was in Gujrat we went for Paragliding and amongst 5 of us, two of our friends didn’t do paragliding because they thought rope will break, they might fall, they might collide with hill,etc. and rest three of us went forward and did that. Obviously, we were as afraid as they were but we went forward knowing that there are chances of happening all those but its unlikely that it will happen now and as we landed down on the ground the experience that we had in the air was one  of the best adventurous experiences I have ever had.

On the other hand those two of my friends became prey of their fear and couldn’t take on that adventure.

So My friends, Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward.

Go and,

ask for that pay raise if you are not happy?

let that person know how much you love them.

start that business knowing that you might fail but always remember your fortune lies on the other side of you fear.

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