Be Guest of The Inspiring Talk Podcast

Become Guest on The Inspiring Talk Podcast

I am constantly looking forward to have conversation with successful and inspiring people for The Inspiring Talk podcast. 

The purpose of this show is to walk my listeners through ups and downs in life of these successful personalities so that they get inspired and take a step forward to make positive changes in their lives. Read more about this on bio.

I heavily promote the episodes to my audience and social networks and I encourage my guests to do the same.

I invite you to listen to a couple of episodes before you apply so that you will get a feel of the type of conversation I am having and questions I am asking.



I am sorry to say but I am not looking for talkers but doers. My past guests include #1 best selling Authors, World champions, Record holders, TED speakers and Achievers.

If you have one or many of following, I invite you to fill the form below and I will get in touch with you soon.

  • Achieved something meaningful in your life that would inspire people listening to your story.
  • You are very successful in your field and want to share your success story.
  • You have overcome biggest challenges and struggles in your life.
  • Fought against odds to bring about positive change in the society or world.
  • You have established yourself as an expert in your subject.