Follow Your Passion and Do What You Love with Author Jogesh Jain: TIT03

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If there is complete need of certainty, Sorry entrepreneurship is not for you

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Jogesh Jain decided to quit his well-paying job at multinational company of repute to follow his passion of helping youth to become more employable. Jogesh has trained thousands of students the skills they need to crack their job interviews and has published the book “How to Get That Job” where he shares how one can land his/her perfect job. His programs help job seekers to build Confidence, Courage and Competence.

Jogesh is an expert in Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence (DMI) Test through which he helps individuals understand themselves and chose right career. His programs has been widely accepted and appreciated by his students.


Some questions I ask Jogesh:

  • Jogesh you left your well-paying job to follow your passion of empowering youths and helping them make more employable. Please share with my audience a little bit of story on what moved within you and why did you do that?
  • What was the single best thing your mentor taught you about life. How do you apply the same in your life?
  • In your book How to Get That Job, you talk about strong desire and willful mindset. Why having a good mindset is important for success? and Particularly how can one build that kind of mindset?
  • Jogesh, one habit of yours I am aware is that you take massive action towards your goal and have achieved some great things in your life. How do you keep yourself away from distractions like social media and bring focus back to your work?
  • How can one find his passion. Any specific tool or method you’d like to share?



You leave 9 am-5 pm Job to work 24*7”

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Time Stamps:

  • 2:08 What moved within Jogesh and Why did he left his job to follow his passion
  • 5:35 Jogesh shares one important lesson his mentor taught him.
  • 10:04 What is DMI Test and how can it be used for one’s benefit?
  • 12:38 How Jogesh keeps himself away from distractions like social media?
  • 14:40 Jogesh shares how one can answer the question Tell Me Something About Yourself in Job interviews.
  • 20:33 Why Jogesh is so excited about youths and helping them achieve things in their life?
  • 25:10 What is one message Jogesh wants to give to 7 billion people in this world.

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