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Lalit Jagtiani- Leadthink

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When is you have a culture that punishes failure, you cannot drive innovation in that company.

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Lalit Jagtiani is a Business Transformation specialist and a Thought Leader in Digital Strategy at SAP, Singapore. He is also an author of the book When Change Happens- A story of Organizational Change. He has a passion for film making and has pursued a diploma in Film Making. Over the years, he has scripted and directed numerous videos and TV spots. He is the Chief Mentor for LeadThink®, a digital platform for Leaders & Professionals to showcase their capabilities through personal experiences in driving successful transformation in their organizations. 

Some Questions I ask Lalit

  • How did you get into film making?
  • What are key things that plays role in making the change lasts longer?
  • How can an organization develop or inbuilt the culture of innovation within their system?
  • How digital distruption is changing the way people do business and how can today’s business and organizations prepare themselves for the digital disruption thats happening?

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Time Stamps

  • 02:31 Lalit talks about his passion for film making and how his need to express himself got him into this.
  • 04:50 His motivation to write a book on change management in the form of story everyone can understand.
  • 09:16 Why Lalit thinks political matrix is the most difficult one to crack while driving the change?
  • 11:00 How understanding the political agenda of people helps change agent to easily carry transformation?
  • 13:40 Dealing at emotional level of grass root level of organization to carry out the change.
  • 19:08 Why organizations does not focus on empowering employees while driving change?
  • 22:38 Creating Amoeba effect and focusing on training people to create own ideas to make change last longer.
  • 24:44 Building a culture of Innovation within an organization  
  • 29:15 What digital tsunami is all about?
  • 32:53 Preparing for digital disruption.

Enlightening Round

  • What inspires Lalit to do everything that he does: Things that excites me.
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Imaginative sense
  • What book he thinks everyone must read:  The Goal by 
    Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • Which online tool has been super-helpful for her:  Business model pattern 

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