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Podcasts in India has a long way to go. Indian content creators are either not aware or not interested in audio yet. Most of the early adopters of this platform such as Indicast has stopped producing episodes years back. But there are more reasons to be hopeful as many new podcasters are coming out with great podcasts and number of listeners of podcasts are growing at promising pace.

I have tried my best to include as many active podcasts (have their latest episode at least a month older) of India. However, this might not be a complete list of Indian Podcasts as it is hard to trace every single podcast out there. If you have a show or listen to one that’s not on the list I would be more than happy to include yours on the list.

Podcasts categorized based on Apple Podcasts Categories:

  1. Arts

  2. Business

  3. Comedy

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  4. Education

  5. Games & Hobbies

  6. Government & Organizations

  7. Health

  8. Kids & Family

  9. Music

  10. News & Politics

  11. Religion & Spirituality

  12. Science & Medicine

  13. Society & Culture

  14. Sports & Recreation

  15. TV & Film

  16. Technology

There is a great list of Indian Podcasts by Tushar Sharma from Rocking Entrepreneur on lot other Indian Podcasts most of them are dead and are not updated for many months now. I have not listed them in this list as a quest to keep this list free of podcasts that are not active anymore.

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