Unveiling The Incredible You and Living Everyday as Your Best Version with Best-Selling Author Manish Pharasi: TIT05

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“Our limiting belief leads to inaction and inaction is the biggest enemy of achievement.”

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Manish Pharasi is personal development coach, NLP master practitioner and facilitative trainer. He has been into developing and coaching people for larger part of his life. Manish has helped thousands of people to live their lives as the best version of themselves. He has traveled around the globe teaching people his IncredibleU principles which he has now put together in amazon best-seller Unveil The IncredibleU book.

Some questions I ask Manish:

  • Why do you think for any organization change is necessary?
  • Why is change so hard? Is there a way that one can build lasting permanent change?
  • What role having positive or negative belief has in one’s success or failure?
  • Why self-talk is so important for one to be successful?
  • If you have to boil down everything that you have ever learned to one message, what that message would be?


Manish Pharasi Wearing black coat and speaking on Unveil the Incredible you launch


“Change has to be ingrained into DNA of any organization.”

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Time Stamps:

  • 04:20 Manish shares about the changes in his roles and career in his life.
  • 08:44 Manish talks about why change is inevitable for any organization.
  • 14:50 He shares how can one make change at personal level.
  • 18:55 What does Manish believe is a key for lasting permanent positive change in life?
  • 32:22 Manish talks about the darker period of his life. How everything fell apart all of a sudden?
  • 36:15 Enlightening Round
  • 43:05 He shares how he can be contacted.


Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Manish to do everything he does: His self-belief that nothing can go wrong for prolonged period of time and everything is designed to make him successful.
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Waking up early in the morning.
  • What books he thinks everyone must read: 
  • Three things he think would have done differently:
    • Reduce reflection time and act quickly
    • Would have installed the belief that everything is designed to make me successful early on.
    • Would have written his first book earlier.

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