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“If you have a desire to find out a way, nobody can stop you”

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Maruti Makwana started out as a freelance trainer after he quit his first job after 8 months. It was a big challenge for him since he studied in Gujrati medium and had very limited skill in English. People won’t believe a 23 year old kid asking for training engagements in corporate giants but somehow he managed to get his first client. Since then there is no looking back. He’s so proud of that decision he has taken in his life.

He has now published an amazon best-seller Power Wealth Formula where he shares the system that worked for him to generate wealth and he’s confident that it will work for others as well. This book got best-seller on the day of its launch.


Some questions I ask Maruti:

  • What was it you were trying to teach to corporate at the beginning of your career?
  • Did you know what you were doing at that time?
  • I am sure that things were not always good for you. Can you take us there and share with us about the darker period of your life or struggle or challenges you have faced in your life.
  • Your book is named as Power Wealth Formula what does that mean?
  • Why do you think many people are not able to make the money they should be making in their life?
  • What is it that you are still struggling with?
  • In your book Power Wealth Formula you talk about a wealthy mindset. What does that mean. What is a wealthy mindset?


Image Maruti Makwana

“Whatever you need to succeed in life is already given to you.”

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Time Stamps:

  • 3:32 Maruti talks about his family background.
  • 5:20 Maruti shares about the situation where he got rejected from 50 Jobs in Bengalaru.
  • 10:20 He shares about his story about taking up first corporate training assignment to senior employees of company
  • 17:25 Maruti shares what was the reason behind getting his first book Amazon best-seller.
  • 24:35 He shares about the darkest period of his life and how he came out of that.
  • 30:11 How does Maruti choses people whom he hangs out with.
  • 41:05 Why does Maruti thinks mindset is everything.
  • 54:08 Maruti shares about Get Inspired contest and how can you win his powerful Power Wealth Formula seminar.
 Enlightening round:
  • What inspires Maruti to do everything he does: The feeling he gets after people come back to him after applying what he teaches and his father’s guidance.
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Not following schedule to do his work.
  • Which one book he thinks everyone must read: Seven Habits of Highly effective people by Steven R Covey
  • Three things he think would have done differently:
    • Would have got Mentor early
    • Could have learned to save more
    • Would have travelled more


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