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Mukta Mahajani- The Code Author

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Mukta Mahajani is an author and international speaker on Alternate Dispute Resolution methods with degrees in psychology, anthropology and law.

She has been awarded with  Star Youth Achiever Award by  Global Youth Marketing Forum, Young Achiever Award by World HRD Congress among several other awards. Mukta has been writing on negotiation, dispute management and communication at the workplace for several years now.

She has already published three books. Her latest book is The Code– Awaken the hidden wisdom of your heart. This book is about how  We can resolve most of our problems by applying the wisdom of our heart.

Some Questions I ask Mukta

  • What do you mean when you say hidden wisdom of our heart?
  • How can one start looking inside not outside to find solution to their problems?
  • Any specific way that you use to reflect on your emotions?
  • Why do you call yourself the queen of setbacks? What are some of the setbacks you have had in your life?
  • Why negotiation skills are important in our life and workplace?
  • Why are the reasons for failed negotiations?

Time Stamps

  • 3:01 Mukta talks about her latest book The Code.
  • 4:31 What does she mean when she say hidden wisdom of our heart?
  • 06:25 How becoming open to learning can help one find solutions to the problem?
  • 12:22 How reflection and journaling could be of great help on your journey to tapping into your  inner potential.
  • 18:57 The power of contemplation questions and choosing the right questions to yourself.
  • 23:10 Self-help is not for those who are in denial.
  • 29:15 She calls herself a queen of setbacks. The biggest setbacks on her journey.
  • 36:05 How knowing your own reality and ability can be of great value while dealing with over-expectation from self?
  • 42:25 Negotiation is to create a win-win situation.
  • 47:30 Enlightening round

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