Challenging your Obstacles with Adventurer Navin Gulia: TIT01

Navin Gulia wearing red jacket on mountain

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“You cannot win big by playing smaller games, if you want to win big you need to play bigger games”

Tweet: “You cannot win big by playing smaller games, to win big you need to play bigger games

Navin Gulia’s life changed when he was taking part in a sport activity while in army. He fell down from height and broke down his neck- bone leaving his body paralyzed. But, that couldn’t stop him from making his life iconic. He set out on life-threatening, all-terrain driving adventure to Marsimik (one of the highest mountain passes in the entire world) driving from New Delhi for 55 hours non-stop to the top that is 1400 feet higher than Mount Everest base camp. His record remains unbeaten for 13 years now.

He has won numerous awards in his life such as President’s National Role Model award from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Limca book people of the year, Times of India Global Indian, CNN IBN Real Heroes and the list goes on and on. Navin has already spoken in several TEDx and other several events. He has been featured in almost all of the National Television, Magazines and Newspapers. He has authored two books and both of them are well-received by readers and are best-sellers in their respective categories.

Navin now runs a social organization called AADA where he works primarily for the good of underprivileged, differently-abled children and those from weaker section of the society.

Some questions I ask Navin:

  • Who was the most influential person when you were growing up?
  • When you met an accident, doctors told you that you might survive if you could survive for another 3 days. What were those first three days like? What were you saying to yourself?
  • How do you prepare mentally for any challenges that you are about to take?
  • What’s your thought on potential? People often give up too soon. What you’ve to say?
  • What do you think is the biggest barrier for people not to achieve things in their life that they are capable of?


Navin Gulia in Mountain sitting on wheelchair

Fear of failure is the biggest reason of failure”


Time Stamps:

  • 03:05 Navin Gulia talks about his childhood and how he transformed from being weak kid whom nobody wanted to have him on team to the best player of the team.
  • 04:17 Why does Navin thinks frustration and anger are positive energy
  • 08:40 How does he remains determined to achieve his targets in life?
  • 11:40 Navin shares about the accident he has met and what it taught him.
  • 29:42 What he says to the person who gives up too soon.
  • 37:22 What is his organization ADAA is about and what is this organization doing
  • 45:30 One daily habit that he believes has helped him significantly in being more productive

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