Nidhi Mohan Kamal on Fitness and Nutrition: TIT31

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Nidhi is a Nutritionist and Fitness expert based in South Delhi. She is director of Organization called Nidsun Wellness which helps people with non-invasive body shaping, diet plans and online fitness programs.
She’s a certified Fitness trainer with a specialization in training for special needs, she’s a Puma Athlete and trainer. She has been personal training many special needs clients one and one. In terms of fitness and exercise, she has been working out last 17 years and has learned Functional, weight training, Yoga and various dance styles. She’s the brand ambassador of Puma Do You in India along with Jacqueline Fernandez, Kalki Koechlin Liza Haydon, Sakshi Malik & others and was part of their Guinness World Record plank.
You might have seen or read about Nidhi on national Newspapers such as Times of India, Deccan Chronical, India Times among many others.

Some Questions I ask Nidhi:

  • What is your suggestion about meals. Is it good to have three big meals or several small meals?
  •  You were among the first people bringing Cryolipolysis- or fat freezing technique in India. Could you talk about what it is and how this bodyshaping technique works and its benefits over liposuction and other surgical procedures.
  •  why and how intermittent fasting is good for one?

Time Stamps:

  • 04:54 Nidhi shares why she carries yoga mat on her flight.
  • 05:55 She talks about where she was 9 years back and what she was doing.
  • 08:20 Nidhi talks about having impact of her father in body building and non-invasive techniques.
  • 09:50 She shares why fat freezing often called as cryolipolysis is more better option for body-shaping.
  • 16:03 Where can a newbie start on his journey of eating healthy and fitness.
  • 20:50 What is Nidhi’s suggestion on frequency of meal in a day.
  • 22:20 Is fasting good for health?
  • 27:25 How to build a business that celebrities would want to work with you?
  • 30:17 What Nidhi’s Organization Nidsun all about.
  • 33:23 How to build lean muscle with Vegan diet?
  • 38:18 Enlightening Round

Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Nidhi to do everything that she does: Her Goals.
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for her: Consistency
  • What book she thinks everyone must read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • Things she think would have done differently: 
    • Would have asked my younger self not to listen to voices that doubted me including my own voice.
  • Which online tool has been super-helpful for her: Apple Podcasts 
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