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About The Inspiring Talk Podcast

The Inspiring Talk is a self-help, motivational and Inspirational podcast for people looking to take a leap in different aspect of their life. Bijay Gautam interviews today’s most successful and inspiring personalities every Monday and drop his insights to help people get a step closer to their dreams every Thursday! This is one of the highly rated self-help podcast from India that features multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, #1 best-selling authors, achievers and influencers.

About Bijay Gautam

side pic of bijay speaking on mic

Bijay is producer and host of The Inspiring Talk podcast. His passion in personal development married with podcasting has inspired many people around the world.

As a Podcast Coach and Consultant, he helps people and Organisations take their message to the world using the powerful medium of Podcasting. 

Show Frequency

2 episode/week: One interview episode with amazing guest every Monday and solo episode called Thursday Inspiration episode every Thursday.

Length of Show

  • Interview episode: 45-60 minutes
  • Thursday Inspiration episodes: 5-10 minutes

Demographics of our Audience

  • Age: 18-35 years old
  • Geography: 80% India, 20% Outside India (US tops among others)
  • Mostly entrepreneurs, people interested in self-help
  • Readers of books about personal development, business and health

What’s the reception been like

5.0 Average rating with over 40 ratings

Bijay has created a great podcast here! It’s really designed for anyone who dreams big, but wants to turn that into a reality by finding the potential within them and using it in their life.
Tyson Sharpe 

Bijay is an engaging and knowledgeable host who coaxes valuable morsels of inspiration from an impressive line-up of guests. Also, great audio quality, which is rare in many podcasts.

I love listening to this podcast. The guests Bijay brings on the show are truly inspiring. My personal best episode is the one with a Avelo Roy. I loved the great insights shared on the episode about entrepreneurship and life. I look forward to upcoming episodes of this podcast.

Recently stumbled upon this podcast and appreciate the content which is getting logged in the online world. I wish all the best to Bijay on his ongoing journey. Hope the inspiring talks inspire upcoming generations and people in the current time. Let it keep coming.
-Kedar Nimkar

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Who are we looking to partner with? 

The Inspiring Talk is looking for products and services that would help our listeners to get better in their health, relationship, business or relationships or simply make their life better.

What do you get after partnering with us?

  • Once ad is recorded, your company stays with that episode for life of the episode.
  • Special spot on shownotes page of the episode. (Monthly Website visitiors: 2000+
  • Shoutout on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Listeners trusts on the product recommended by the host as they trust the host.

Sponsorship Options

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