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Best Selling Author Prakash Iyer

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Life is not about being lucky and being dealt a great hand but it’s about learning to play the hand that you are dealt.

Prakash Iyer
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Prakash Iyer is a Best-selling Author of books like The Habit of Winning and The Secret of Leadership. He is also a speaker who speaks extensively about leadership, teamwork and winning. He has already given multiple TEDx talks on those topics. I love the way he derive analogies from the simple things from our day to day life and share  powerful lessons on his talks. 

Before becoming a full time author and speaker in 2014, Prakash was  Managing Director of Kimberly-Clark Lever and in past has served in several leadership roles in different multinational companies such as PepsiCO, Hindustan Uniliver and so on.

His latest book is You Too Can,  where Prakash takes you up close and personal with twenty Indian entrepreneurs as they share the lessons that they have learned.

Some Questions I ask Prakash

  • How do you think a great team is formed. What needs to happen?
  • How do you derive lessons out of the smallest things such as leadership lessons from teabag or teamwork lessons from Matka fod?
  • Do you have mentors yourself? What do you look in them before picking them as your mentors?
  • What is that one vision of yours that you are very passionate about achieving?

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Time Stamps

  • 03:55 Prakash talks about his family background and lesson he learned from his dad making him carry his bag to school at the age of five.
  • 08:05 He recalls how he built confidence on speaking and writing during his formative years.
  • 14:24 Selling Cola, Soap and Diapers while learning lessons of selling.
  • 18:30 How Brian Tracy has influenced him and how he planned his exit from his job.
  • 23:50 What is stopping people to quit their job?
  • 25:45 Forming a great team for success of business.
  • 33:44 How believing that there is greateness in other person helps him derive powerful lessons from people he meet.
  • 37:08 Three things that sets great leaders apart from the others.
  • 43:25 Dealing with Instant gratification.
  • 50:05 Prakash’s approach in picking a mentor for himself.
  • 54:28 Making a leader bloom in this world- Prakash’s mission
  • 56:08 Enlightening Round

Enlightening Round

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