Favourite resources the inspiring talk

Resources and tools I personally love

Welcome to the Resources section of The Inspiring Talk podcast, a handpicked list of tools and resources to help you in your success journey. The resources I mentioned here are either tried by myself and found very useful or recommended by my successful and inspiring guests of the show.

Events I am attending

Here are some events I am attending and absolutely encourage you to attend as well.

LifePlugin Summit

  • What:  A 3 day immersion in Life Design. Explore topics such as Life Visioning, Subconscious Programming, Bio-hacking, Nutrition, Relationships, Psychology, Spirituality, and more.
  • When: 18-20 October 2019, Goa
  • Why am I attending: I attended the Lifeplugin in Shimla in April and I was blown away by this event. It is an opportunity to meet Mindvalley teachers, and connect deeply with a like-minded tribe in India. I have never seen a personal transformation event that comes anywhere close to this event.
  • How can I attend? Early bird tickets are available at Want DISCOUNT? Simply use the code lifeplugin-inspiringtalk to get INR 2000 off on your ticket. All thanks to Gautam Khetrapal for offering this to my listeners.

Professional Speakers Summit 2020

  • What:  The #PSAISummit is India’s largest gathering of professional speakers under one roof. This two-day event is dedicated to learning and sharing the knowledge on the best practices in professional speaking: marketing, positioning, branding, productization, speaker bureaus, client management and of course how to speak globally and earn in Dollars and Euros.
  • When: 01 & 02 February 2020, Delhi
  • Why am I attending: One of the goals I have for next two years is to establish myself as an Professional Speaker. This event being gathering of international professional speakers would allow me not only to understand about professional speaking but also to build network with fellow speakers
  • How can I attend? You can find details and register for event here:


Here are the list of five most recommended books by guests:

  1. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey
  2. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
  3. How to Win Friends Influence People 
  4. Power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  5. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma (My Favourite)


If you’d like to get free Audiobook for any of the above books you can get that for free with 1 month free Audible trial. You can cancel the subscription anytime and the book will still remain with you. You can try audible free for one month and get one Audiobook for free now.

Microphones for Podcasting

Here are the best-value microphones for low, mid and high budget:

1.  Audio Technica ATR-2100 dynamic USB:  This is the mic you should consider to start with. This is my #1 recommendation for those looking for low budget option with decent quality of audio. The ATR2100-USB is a dynamic, cardioid microphone that can connect directly to your computer via USB. It can also (and simultaneously) connect to professional audio equipment via XLR. The ATR2100-USB also comes with one year warranty.

2. Blue Snowball Ice Condenser USB:  This microphone comes a slight cheaper as compared to ATR2100 and does it’s job. It is first choice of many YouTubers. This microphone unlike ATR2100 does not support connection via XLR. Blue snowball comes with 2 years of Warranty.

3. Audio Technica BPHS1 Stereo Headset with Dynamic Mic: This is mid range headset cum microphone that does a perfect job. This is the same microphone used by Lewis Howes of School of Greatness podcast.

3. Heil PR40:  If you want to take your game to next level this is for you. This produces most natural and fantastic audio possible. This microphone is used by many top podcasters and is highly appreciated for its quality.

Microphone Accessories:

Handheld Recorders

  1. Zoom H1 Recorder: This is the entry level recorder for field or outdoor recording. It runs on two alkaline batteries and records on the provided 2GB memory card. It comes with one year warranty.

2. Zoom H6 6 Track Portable Recorder: This is pro level recording device with ability to take four XLR microphone inputs at once with capacity to record them on separate track. This could also be used as an interface. The memory card could be extended upto 128GB and it runs on 4X AA batteries.

Website Host

  • Bluehost: My website hosted on Bluehost. They make it incredibly easy to get a new site up and running with their one-click easy WordPress Blog installation .They provide outstanding customer service. I have received their support through phone and emails within 1 day.

Media Hosts

When you are starting your podcast you will need a service that can host your media files. This is different from your website host.

  • Blubrry:  This is one of the best media hosts and it integrates very well with your WordPress site. With this media host you can have full control over your RSS using its powerpress plugin for wordpress. And the best part is you can publish all your podcast episodes from within wordpress without having to visit their website. You will get 1 month of free hosting with Blubrry when you use coupon code BIJAY while signing up.
  • Libsyn: This is where I host my own podcast. Their hosting plan starts with as low as $5 per month. You will get a free podcast page when you host with Libsyn where you can see archive of your older posts and options to subscribe on different platforms. This is very helpful if you are on budget to have your own podcast website. You may like to check my podcast page on Libsyn. You will also get rest of the month if you sign up after 2nd of month and next month totally free if you use my coupon code BIJAY while signing up.
  • Podbean: This is the latest addition to my recommended podcast hosts list and my favorite. Podbean offers unlimited storage and bandwidth in addition to detailed stats of your show. This all comes at $9 per month if you pay annually. You will get first month totally free if you signup using this link. You can also use the code theinspiringtalk

Video Meetings and Coaching

I personally use and love Zoom for doing my online video conferences. This is my preferred tool to conduct my best-seller Group Podcast coaching program.

Recording Remote Interviews

As you might know, I record most of my podcast interviews remotely. It is very important for me to get superior audio quality from my guest without any lag and disturbance. After trying several tools I am quite happy with Squadcast. It is simple to use and records premium quality audio.

Receiving Payment

I use Instamojo to receive payments from my coaching and consulting clients inside India. It makes it easier to create payment links and integrate on my website and landing pages. It charges no money to sign up and install. The convenience charges are 2% of amount being paid + INR 3 which I can ask my clients to pay or pay myself depending on the service I offer to them.

You can sign up FREE and receive Rs. 500 bonus with your first payment if you use this link.

Creating Banners

Canva is tool that I almost use daily to create beautiful quotes, episode thumbnails, social media graphics, event flyers and much more. The most beautiful part is it is completely FREE to use. However, you can buy illustrations and images from Canva Library

Free Images

Unsplash is where I get almost all the images for my post featured images, quotes background, blog post images, etc. This website has huge collection of FREE to use uncopyrighted images from individual artists.