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Sfurti sahare think and win like dhoni

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I never wanted those two years to define me, I wanted to define those two years.

Sfurti Sahare
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You can achieve any goals and dreams you might have, but you have to consistently take action towards them. To accomplish anything worth celebrating, you’ll have to take determined steps day in and day out till you achieve it. No one understands this better than Sfurti Sahare. 

Sfurti had a dream back in 2014. She was somebody who came from very humble background. She completed her engineering degree and was working for a IT company. But Sfurti was quick to realize, she was not meant to sit in front of computer screen all her life. She decided to quit her job, Meet MS Dhoni- Who was captain of Indian Cricket team and write a book on him. 

Sfurti Sahare is a Motivational Speaker. She works with various organizations, Sports teams, entrepreneurs to help them and their teams to achieve excellence. She is a Computer Engineer and she is a National Chess Player. Let us know more about her writing.

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