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When we have right attitude and we learn from our failures, that failure becomes a stepping ladder to success for us.

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Shalabh is co-founder and Director of iVolunteer which is a social enterprise that brings volunteers and organisations together to share Time, Skills and Passion to promote country’s social development.

He  is an alumnus of the prestigious Rural Management programme at IRMA. Shalabh has also Co-Founded JobsForGood which offers Recruitment and HR Advisory services so social enterprises are able to leverage human capital towards achieving their mission. He is also credited with creating iVolunteer Awards, nation’s only awards aimed at inspiring, recognizing and establishing new benchmarks on volunteering.

Shalabh, was instrumental in creating the ICICI Fellows program in 2009 and led it till 2013, following which he co-founded India Fellow, an intense 13-month leadership journey that sets young Indians on becoming socially conscious leaders of tomorrow. He has got prestigious fellowship such as Commonwealth Professional Fellowship in 2003 among many others.


Some Questions I ask Shalabh:

  • What is the challenge volunteering sector is facing today?
  • What is one single-most dream that you are passionate in accomplishing in next couple of years?
  • Why do you think failure is important in one’s life?


Time Stamps:

  • 04:20 Shalabh shares how he was fascinated with volunteering and how IRMA transformed his life.
  • 06:45 He talks about coming with idea of startup and starting his organization iVolunteer.
  •  12:01 Shalabh shares how iVolunteer creates accidents in form of experiences for people to find their passion.
  • 16:08 He shares a story of his friend who through his organization has found her passion in volunteering and left the corporate job.
  • 19:12 Shalabh talks about why failing is important in one’s life.
  • 26:00 He talks on how proud he is to create iVolunteer Awards after working for 10 years in sector.
  • 30:27 Shalabh talks why  Volunteers are not free resource and what people need to understand about volunteers.
  • 33:00 What volunteers need to consider while looking for volunteering opportunities.
  • 37:08 Shalabh shares about the challenge of volunteer commitment in his sector.
  • 39:02 He talks about his dream of having every Indian a volunteer.
  • 41:32 Enlightening Round


Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Shalabh to do everything that he does: Coming across amazing people and His elevator pitch.
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Revisiting his vision chart every single day.
  • Things he think would have done differently:  
    • Studied Volunteering at the beginning of journey before jumping in. 
    • Learnt about volunteering outside India.
  • Which online tool has been super-helpful for him: Calendar


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