Transcend Your Boundaries: Go Beyond Body Beyond Mind With Dr. Sukhi Muker: TIT12

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“Challenges in our life are meant to help us discover who we authentically are and what our gifts are.”

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When he was 18, Dr. Sukhi Muker after severe three-day drug binge almost pulled the trigger of loaded gun to kill himself. That was the lowest point he has ever been in his life. He never thought he’d ever come out of drug addiction, violence and crimes at that point. But with strong desire to heal his own brain and body Dr. Sukhi has transcended boundaries and came along a long way.

Dr. Sukhi today is an Award-Winning Doctor, Best-Selling Author and Global Speaker. He has not only recovered himself but today he helps professional athletes, CEO’s and high powered entrepreneurs as a master mindset coach in expanding their 7 – 9 figure enterprises. He not only transcended the boundaries of his mind but also of his body by becoming a 7 time Ironman Finisher and completing challenging 100 mile ultra-marathons with successful podium finishes.

Some questions I ask Dr. Sukhi:

  • Do you believe you’d have had the understanding about the life and have been able to become as better human as you are today if you have not hit rockbottom or have faced that phase of your life?
  • Can you please talk a bit about your understanding about the choices and decisions we make in our life and what guides our choices?
  • What does your exercise schedule looks like?
  • What do you think stops most people from going beyond their body and mind?
  •  Can you share some deepest values that you acquired from your parents and percolate down to your kids?

Transcend Boundaries with Dr. Sukhi Episode art


“Life is not about outside success, it is about becoming the human being worthy of those experiences or dreams.”

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Time Stamps:

  • 03:20 Dr. Sukhi shares about his origin, parents, migration and family.
  • 07:07 He shares about his 18 years old self who was surrounded by drugs, violence and crime.
  • 11:52 Dr. Sukhi talks how he came out of drugs, suicidal thoughts and started on his transformational journey.
  • 25:01 He shares how the tougher inning of his life helped him shape his own life for better.
  • 33:04 He talks about how our emotional guidance system guides our decisions and choices in life.
  • 36:52 How can having a conscious intention attracts your dreams and turn that into reality.
  • 41:25 Dr. Sukhi shares how becoming an ultra-endurance has helped him prosper in all areas of his life.
  • 45:54 He shares what his book Beyond Body Beyond mind is about and the nine strategies he talks in his book.
  • 54:47 Enlightening round

Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Dr. Sukhi to do everything that he does: To leave this world a far better place far better place than I entered for my daughters, their generation and future generation
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for himI win the first 60 min of my day. Visualizaton, Meditation, Journaling, Prime the pump, Exercise
  • What book he thinks everyone must read: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
  • Things he think would have done differently:  
    • The challenges in our life are blessing in disguise so we can discover who we are.
    • Begin with end in mind. It’s not that we don’t achieve our dreams, its that we don’t want to dream bigger dreams.
    • It’s all about love, self-love, self-acceptance. When you love yourself you can impart love to the world.

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