Lessons Learned From Landing in a Jail with Chetan Mahajan: TIT60

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Chetan Mahajan- Himalayan Writing Retreat

Imagine being arrested wrongly and you have to spend two months in jail for someone else’s mistake.

Well that’s exactly what happened with my guest Chetan Mahajan few years back. He was put behind the bars for the case against his employer.

After this episode, Chetan was terrified and had nightmares but he didn’t let that define his life. He wanted to make something good out of the darkest phase in his life. He went on to write a fairly popular Book called The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail published by Penguin.


Tap Into Your True Potential: Thursday Inspiration | TIT37

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tap into your true potential- Dr. Sukhi

Do you doubt on yourself and your potential?
Are you yet to realize the innate potential that each one of us have?
It feels so easy and natural to say yourself that you don’t have potential to shine. I understand this, I have been there.
I was getting goosebumps when Dr. Sukhi Muker  was sharing with me about the immense potential that each one of us have within ourselves. He has experienced that on his own life.
From being a drug addict almost killing himself to becoming best-selling Author and Global speaker Dr. Sukhi has experienced a lot in his life.