Stop Fooling Yourself And Create A Life Of Your Dreams With Dr. Divya Ghai: TIT14

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Dr. Divya Negi Ghai posing for camera

Dr. Divya Ghai left her decade long job as academician to pursue her passion in writing and empowering young people. She got stuck for a while when she was making this change. She was confused whether to get back to job that she didn’t loved anymore or start on completely new journey.
Dr. Divya’s book Stop Fooling Yourself will wake you up to face the simple realities of life, which you have conveniently chosen to ignore


5 Reasons Why You Should Start Listening to Podcast Today

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Why you should listen podcast

One good habit I installed back in 2011 was listening to podcasts. I didn’t know they were called Podcasts back then. I continued listening because of pure value I got out of those audio materials.

Further, there were no ad breaks in between (I could skip them even if there were any) and I could download them and listen them at my convenience, unlike with radio where I have to be there at the time of broadcast.

Today, podcasts are hotter than ever. Podcast listeners are growing beyond expectation every single year. Thanks to Serial Podcast that caused breakthrough in podcasting in 2014.

If you do not listen to podcasts then you are missing on with lot of awesome content out there.

Here are my five top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Listening to Podcast Today:


How to Listen to Podcasts

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Podcasts are getting bigger every year with promising growth on listeners. Many new podcasts are submitted to Apple directory almost every single day. There are almost 250,000 podcasts on Apple podcasts in more than 100 languages. These podcasts ranges from interviews of entrepreneur to TV show commentary to Science and fiction. There is lot of content for listeners to choose from for their listening joy. And the best part is […]