Lessons Learned From Landing in a Jail with Chetan Mahajan: TIT60

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Chetan Mahajan- Himalayan Writing Retreat

Imagine being arrested wrongly and you have to spend two months in jail for someone else’s mistake.

Well that’s exactly what happened with my guest Chetan Mahajan few years back. He was put behind the bars for the case against his employer.

After this episode, Chetan was terrified and had nightmares but he didn’t let that define his life. He wanted to make something good out of the darkest phase in his life. He went on to write a fairly popular Book called The Bad Boys of Bokaro Jail published by Penguin.


Build The Habit of Journaling: Thursday Inspiration | TIT51

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Build the habit of journaling

Journaling is one of the most common habits among the guests I have interviewed on The Inspiring Talk podcast. 
After I was recommended to do this by many guests, I started journaling regularly since almost a year now and I can say this is one of the most powerful habits to start your day with. 
Journaling lets me feel grateful and count my blessings, get clarity for my day and reconnect with my goals and dreams.