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I am keen in deconstructing successful people and get deep into their habits. In this episode, I present you three most common habits of successful and inspiring personalities I have interviewed for this podcast.

These three habits are repeated in several episodes by different guests and I wanted to put them together and present you so that you can use them to succeed in your own life.

Three Habits :

1. Meditation:

It has helped me personally in becoming more conscious, make better decisions and staying more positive throughout the day since I have started meditation this year. I have felt that I am more conscious about my thoughts and actions and I found myself becoming less reactive to the external situation or actions.

I use this app called Stop, Breathe and Think which has got a variety of sessions inside it and many of them are available for free. But the practice I follow the most are body scanning where I walk my brain from top to the bottom of my body. Another is simple breathing exercise for anywhere between 10-20 minutes. I sometimes love doing quick 5-7 minutes long session just before going to bed. They could be either gratitude or compassion practice so that I wont take any kind of negative thoughts with me on my sleep.

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2. Journaling: 

Another most important habit of success is Journaling and writing down thoughts on paper. I have found myself becoming more productive and achieving lot more on the days when I set clear intention of the tasks I want to achieve in that particular day by writing down on paper as compared to those when I don’t. My practice to journal is very very simple. It takes me not more than 10 minutes combined both morning and just before going to bed in the evening.
In the morning, I write down three things I want to achieve in that particular day on the basis of priority and I also write down three things I am grateful for on that particular day. Writing down things I am grateful for is to build upon the attitude of gratitude. It also help me celebrate the things that I have in my life rather than focusing on what I don’t have. So this sets up a positive more empowering tone for the day.

3. Reading/Listening Books:

The third and last habit is Reading to Books or listening to Audiobooks. Recently, I have started asking what is one online tool or app that has helped my guests in their self-help journey and I have found many of them saying Audible- which is an app for listening to books. This has made it easier for people to listen to books who otherwise don’t have time to read. I have also found this app very very helpful and I can listen to the book as many times I want. It is also a good companion while travelling or cooking or any other in between spaces.


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