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If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.

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I was a very average student while I was in school. Everyone said that. My parents always answered saying, Ya Bijay is just an average student, he neither fails nor Tops the class when somebody asked them about my study. My teachers also always said that, and I was categorized as an average student. That statement kept coming over and over again from them. When it kept coming repeatedly for some years, I, somehow at that point in time believed on what they said and accepted that label of an average student all my schooling. Bijay is an Average student.
I believed them and I had those Mark Sheets to reinforce those statements. I even recall myself saying several times while in school, I am doing just fine when someone from distance relatives or new people asked me about my study. Also remember going to toppers and saying you are amazing. I can’t even think of topping in my life.
I think I was happy with what I had. The label of an average guy. Because that’s what I have been told all my life right. Nobody ever said Bijay you are topper you can top the class. Never. Nor my parents nor teachers because they believed I cannot ever do that and made me believe as well over years.
And I completed my high school and now was time for college. I moved to Kathmandu for entrance exam preparation. And I was not able to make it to the college that I wanted to as my teachers and parents expected.
I don’t know why but that incident stir something inside me. Not being able to clear that entrance means I had to adjust to an average college and be happy with average marks and lead an average life. Now, I got admitted to a college in Delhi NCR.
I remember very clearly saying to myself after coming to Delhi. Even if I was not able to make it to the best college, I am going to be the best wherever I am. I desperately wanted to trash the average tag I was given all my life. I no longer wanted to live with that Average Student label I was given by people around me. Somehow I made myself believe that I can do that. I remember working so hard in my college. There were many challenges in front of me. Coming from Nepal, language was a barrier. I couldn’t speak Hindi, It was a huge cultural change, I had to adjust myself. I knew nobody and no one was there for moral support. But still I knew and believed I am not meant to be an average student. And Guess what?
First Year- I topped the college, Second Year- I again topped the college and also awarded with the best student Award, Third Year- I was awarded with full fee waiver scholarship and Last Year- I graduated as a topper and got a placement at top company.  And on first three month of the on job-training at this top company, I was awarded with most outstanding candidate award from global leader.
Remember, the average guy is now the most outstanding candidate. Because I believed that I could be one. Because I decided to trash the Average tag. That one thought of not accepting the tag given by people around me made that difference in my life. Imagine I would have been an average student all my life if I have not chosen to seek that potential within myself. Each one of us has got it within ourselves.
It’s upto you whether you wanna live with label of an Average person given by people around you or trash that label and turn your identity as a outstanding candidate. It’s just the matter of belief. If you believe you can than there’s no force ever created that can stop you. because you have the power to become unstoppable and trash the average tag.


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