What is a Podcast?

What Is a Podcast?



Podcast /ˈpɒdkɑːst/ is an episodic series of audio material (interviews, talk, lecture, etc.) uploaded on internet for people to stream or download and listen on their devices like phone, i-pad and computers.

Audience or listeners can subscribe to the podcast shows on various platforms (Website, iTunes, Android, iHeart Radio, Stitcher) so that they get updated about new episodes (similar to subscribing a YouTube channel).


What is the advantage?

The advantage of podcast over video material is you can listen to your podcast anywhere any time. You could be jogging, driving, cooking or working out. Plus, most of these podcasts are free to stream online or download on your own device. All you need is your smartphone with internet and earplugs and you are ready to roll.

Listening to podcast is one of the best habits you could build for your self-growth. Let us consider, if you want to learn about certain skills or just need to get inspired and feel positive about life, listening to podcast could help you achieve, provided that you are listening to right shows and episodes. When there is enough room for improvement in your life why not start doing that today by building one good habit? Why not switch from listening to radio with so many noise and advertisement to podcasts that inspires you? I have covered about podcast in this pre-episode of The Inspiring Talk.


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