Why Should I Start a Podcast in 2019?

Would you like to start a podcast?

Have you ever asked Why should I start a podcast?

I get this question from a lot of people. After hosting my own podcast The Inspiring Talk for almost over 1.5 years and coaching over 70 people, here are some benefits of podcasting.

1. Put yourself on the map: Podcast is the great gateway tool to showcase your talent and reach out to the world using your voice. It works as your testimonial to your knowledge and insights on the topic.

2. Network and collaborate: If you asked a very popular person in your industry for a coffee meet to pick his/her brain it is unlikely that they will spare their time. But the moment you tell them you’d like to interview them for your show they’d be more than happy to share their knowledge with your listeners. This is where you not only get opportunity to interview and pick their brain but also possibly discuss about future collaborations. 

I have collaborated with several guests to work together. For instance, recently I interviewed an Author who runs a writing retreats in a remote village. People from across the world travel to be part of the retreats. I pitched him to conduct my workshop at his retreat and he instantly agreed and we are working out on details. This is one example of the several I have done in the past.

Apart from that I have been able to meet some of the most amazing people such as Jonty RhodesSanya Richard Ross and Vidya Vox to name a few.

Bijay Gautam with Jonty Rhodes

3. Build your authority: If you feel that people do not know you in your domain and you’d like to establish yourself as an authority, podcast is a great way to build your authority. When you consistently produce episodes on your niche, people will start seeing you as an expert on the topic and reach out to you for further information of the same.

4. Speaking opportunities: Conference and event organizers are always looking for people who can speak at their event. If you reach out to them and give reference of your podcast, it is very likely that they will offer you the spot as you have already established your domain expertise by researching and sharing a lot of content on your niche. I have already spoken at two major conferences this year alone and will be speaking at few more. All of this would have never been possible if it was not for my podcast.

5. Deep Learning: If you are passionate about some topic and would love to have deeper understanding about same from experts, there is no better way to do that. Invite the domain experts as guests on your show and ask all those burning questions you have on your mind.

6. Sell your products/services: Podcast helps you build your audience over a period of time. Several studies have shown that podcast listeners are the most engaged audience as compared to any other form of media. If you target your audience, you can convert your listeners to customers over a period of time. Listeners trust the host and consider them as an influencer of the industry making their purchase decision much easier. I have been able to quit my job within 15 months of starting my podcast. (This might not be case for the majority. But if you build your business around your podcast it is not impossible.)

7. Improve your communication skills: One question people ask a lot is do I need to be excellent communicator to start a podcast? But it is reverse. If you’d like to become better communicator, start a podcast. I am learning and becoming better after every single episode. You can listen to earlier episodes of my podcast and compare with the latest— you’ll know what I am talking about.

Want to start your own professional podcast?

If you have a message that you think the world must listen start a podcast. Don’t know where to start? I have Six Weeks Coaching Program to help you launch your podcast. This program walks you through everything from coming out with your idea to launching your podcast in SIX Weeks. Learn More.

8. SEO Benefits: Adding podcast to your existing website could be huge added benefit for SEO. With every episode of my podcast, I write a brief show note summarizing the episode which helps my website rank on search engines. I have interviewed Krishan Chahal who is Guinness World Record Holder in memory for my podcast and my website is usually on top three results when people look up for his name on Google.

krishan Chahal memory king google search

9. Never Run out of Content: Re-purposing your audio content allows you to create content for several platforms. Here are some innovative ways to use your content:

  • Pull out the quote from your episode to create an Instagram post.
bijay gautam instagram post
  • Convert the entire audio to video and post on YouTube.
  • Create one minute video for Instagram feed.
  • Create PDF report by summarizing the episode and give it as download on your website.

10. Build Loyal Tribe: As mentioned above on number 6, podcast is one of the most engaged form of medium. You can build your own tribe with people having common interest on the topic of your podcast. Once your community resonates with your message, they become your brand ambassadors to share your work with larger group.

Those are my top reasons on why you should start a podcast. Loved it? Then Spread it by sharing with your friends. What is your reason of starting a podcast? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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