Give Me one Reason!

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Give me one reason why I can’t,

When Eminem could shine having miserable childhood,

And Michael Jordan with bigger failures than I could ever imagine,

Why I can’t when I have determination like Mandela,

And perseverance like Ronaldo,

Why not me when Helen Killer could prosper,

And Stephen Hawking with bigger challenges could thrive,

Give me one reason why I can’t,

I am strong. I am young. I have nothing to lose.

Deep inside, I know I could be the one.

I have passion. I have dedication. I can work harder than anyone.

And I have talent to be the best in this world.

To shine like a rockstar! To thrive like a superstar!

You watch me.

I will Rise at the top. Conquer the world. And I will be the one.

Give me one reason why I can’t,

And I will you give hundreds on Why I can!

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