Kicking Your Job and Living Life of Your Dream with Entrepreneur Kiruba Shankar: TIT07

Kiruba Shankar talking on stage wearing black coat

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“With every failure, you become a better person, you become sharper and wiser.”

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Kiruba Shankar had several reasons to settle down for an ordinary life. He got fired from his job when he needed it the most. He lost 10 Lakhs (1 Million) rupees in a deal where his client absconded after he delivered his commitment. But this man was never to give up trying to pursue his dreams. He says the best lessons of your life are learned when you are down and dusted. He sat down with me to share these hard learned lessons of his life in this episode.

Kiruba Shankar is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, a fellow podcaster and a farmer. He is the CEO of BusinessBlogging, a social media consultant firm. Kiruba also heads Vaksana Farms, a farming venture and a book publishing house. He has authored 4 books: ‘Copy Right and Left: Understanding Creative Commons‘, ‘Wikipedia – A Beginner’s Guide‘, ‘Crowdsourcing Tweet’ and ‘Unconference‘.

He is a professional podcaster and hosts Kiruba.TV where he interviews global achievers. BusinessWorld magazine once ranked his blog Kiruba.com as one of India’s top blogs.

Some questions I ask Kiruba:

  • Kiruba you are an entrepreneur, educator, podcaster and Farmer. How do you balance these all?
  • There are many people who don’t know what their passion is and are not very excited about life. How can they find their passion?
  • We have situations in our life where we need to make hard choices. How do we make these choices?
  • Out of all your achievements, what is it that you are most proud of?
  • You have interviewed and spoken to so many high performers from around the globe be it for your book, blog or podcast. What do you think drives them or fuels them?


Kiruba Shankar talking on stage wearing black coat

“Eventually we will all die so let’s make the most of the life and live life true to our heart”

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Time Stamps:

  • 03:05 Kiruba talks about his personal and professional life.
  • 05:20 He shares why one should have one passion that keeps them happy
  • 07:43 How can one take up a passion and start working on it gradually.
  • 09:20 Kiruba shares about his first step that changed his life.
  • 15:02 He shares about his darkest periods in his life.
  • 19:50 Kiruba talks about how can one make tough choice in life.
  • 24:46 What is it that Kiruba loves about podcasting and how can this medium help people to go real deep in their niche area.
  • 33:35 One reason on why you should start your podcast?
  • 34:40 Enlightening Round


Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Kiruba to do everything he does: Passion to live multitude life
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for him: Planning and Reviewing every evening
  • What book he thinks everyone must read: Anything you want by Derek Sivers
  • Things he think would have done differently:
    • Would have jumped into entrepreneurship earlier
    • Would not have felt bad too often for not winning things
    • Could have started saving money earlier


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