Stop Making Excuses And Transform Your Life With Lena Kay: TIT15

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Stop giving bullshit excuses. Your limitations are none other than the ones you create for yourself.

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In her mid 20’s Lena Kay found herself living in a homeless hostel, depressed, overweight with a brain tumour and living on benefits. Suicidal thoughts became prominent at one point of time in her life. She thought her life has no meaning to be alive. She never thought she could come out of that trap of her own thoughts.

Lena discovered neuroscience, quantum physics, meditation and law of attraction, used the knowledge to transform her life and helped many people on her journey as she organically fell into coaching. Lena is an International speaker, Transformational Coach and Trainer based in London. She is also a TEDx talk speaker with powerful message to transform the world.

Some questions I ask Lena:

  • What does your morning ritual looks like?
  • What was your first impression about UK like?
  • How did you do at school?
  • Please talk about the darkest phase in your life.
  • How do you get your creative juices flowing?
  • What do you think is most people don’t understand about visualization?
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Time Stamps:

  • 04:20 Lena shares about her morning ritual. Her morning drink to wake her organs up.
  • 07:35 She talks about her moving from Iraq to London and first memory of UK.
  • 10:10 Lena had speech impediment and struggled to communicate as a kid.
  • 11:35 She talks about culture crash as what she believed was right and learned as middle-east kid was wrong in UK.
  • 13:50 She talks about dropping out of university to work for gambling establishments and she shares about her fascination about money.
  • 16:30 Lena shares about the most horrible and embarrassing phase of her life as her boyfriend and his friends were arrested by police.
  • 19:00 She talks about various jobs and titles she has taken up in her life.
  • 21:30 How having toxic relationship with her partner and parents ruined her life. She talks about lowest point in her life.
  • 27:50 Lena shares how did her transformational journey started. She talks how her fascination about law of attraction changed her life.
  • 34:43 Lena shares how building your positive beliefs can help you change your life dramatically.
  • 40:48 Life responds to your beliefs, focus and to your emotions.
  • 45:21 How does Lena gets her creative juices flowing?
  • 48:54 How journaling has helped her in achieving her goals and remain balanced in her life.
  • 53:44 Enlightening Round

Enlightening round:

  • What inspires Lena to do everything that she does: Growing, Expansion and her Vision
  • Which one daily habit has been game-changer for her: Journaling
  • What book she thinks everyone must read: Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks 
  • Things she think would have done differently:  
    • Would have stayed away from negative people that drained her energy.
    • Could have had self-love like she does today in her twenties.
    • Should have meditated every single day.

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