Rejuvenate your brain and reclaim your memory w/ Psychologist Dr. Sabina Brennan: TIT62

Sabina Brennan 100 days to a younger brain

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Dr. Sabina Brennan is a research psychologist, neuroscientist and author of the No 1 bestselling book 100 Days to a Younger Brain: Maximize your memory, boost your brain health and defy dementia.  

At the age of 42, Sabina got fascinated with the brain and human psychology. She left her career as an actor to pursue research about brain. Since then she has been one of the top experts on Cognitive Psychology in Ireland. She has been featured by National Radio and Television on several occasions.  

She is recipient of IMAGE Women of the Year 2018, Provost Award for Innovation for Social Impact (2017) and so on.    Sabina has created over 30 short films that offer practical advice on brain health, memory loss and dementia. These films have been Viewed in more than 140 countries, and have been translated into multiple languages including Hindi and Punjabi.

Some Questions I ask Sabina:

  • Could you share with my listeners what does a cognitive neuroscientist does?
  • Recently, you said stress is good for brain. How does it help?
  • Can we really make our brain younger?
  • Do you recommend regular scanning of brain?
  • What are some of the ways to keep our brain healthy?
  • How important is breathing and mindfulness for our brain? 

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Time Stamps:

  • 3:00 We don’t pay attention to most important part of our body our brain.
  • 04:07 Sabeena explains what is her fascination with brain and what does cognitive neuroscientist does.
  • 06:15 Reasons on why we ignore the health of our brain.
  • 09:42 Rejuvenating your brain and avoiding atrophy (loss of brain cell).
  • 14:29 Effects atrophy have on human body.
  • 16:26 Why sleep is so crucial for your cognitive functioning?
  • 22:58 Managing stress is important for your brain. What all can you do to keep your brain healthy?
  • 29:53 Importance of mindfulness and breathing for brain health.
  • 31:07 Physical exercises for healthy brain.
  • 37:01 Engaging all your senses for longer memory.
  • 42:18 Sabina share about going to Psychology school at the age of 42.
  • 47:30 She shares how she got into making animated videos to raise awareness about brain health.
  • 50:45 These are things you cannot afford to do if you care about your brain.
  • 53:20 Sabina’s favorite advice to keep your brain at its peak.

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